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A group of young, high-tech innovators, designers, developers, marketologists and content strategists with a single goal: bringing passion, professionalism and creativity to the technical side of web creation


After years of successful work in high-ranking agencies, we have cultivated a streamlined system of getting projects done quickly, without compromising quality


We have over a decade of web development, maintenance and optimization experience. This grants us the chance to properly engineer and construct an engaging online experience that draws visitors in and accelerates your conversion rate.

Standing out amongst thousands upon thousands of competitors can be daunting. It’s our job to take the pressure off.

We pay attention to our clients no matter what their size or status. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we give your business the same level of expertise and dedication.

Continuously edging towards the precipice of digital technology, we use only the latest tech in website maintenance to ensure your site is not just a way to boost traffic, but also a unique and engaging representation of your brand.

Our Team

Dmitry Goduhin

Founder and President

Dmitry is passionate about bringing business ideas to life. With expert tech skills behind his back and an enthusiasm for new technology, he is the driving force behind the company’s vision of marrying technical know-how and creative innovation. His extensive leadership and team management experience from top-ranking marketing agencies has made him a proven leader at NYDVS.

Oleg Latypov

VP of Strategy

The director of all strategic affairs, Oleg ensures all business plans are successfully put into action. With extensive experience building professional web projects from scratch, he leads his tech team through inevitable hurdles and tight deadlines while accelerating company growth with new ideas and innovations.

Michael O'Hara

Operations/Marketing Consultant

Catalyzing everything from start-ups to multi-billion dollar institutions, Michael has helped an impressive repertoire of industries, including: eCommerce, retail, software/tech, mobile, media and more. Principal of the O’Hara Company, his specialties include lead-generation, client acquisition, SEO, SEM, research, social media, website marketing, software and digital content strategies and performance marketing.

Paul Denisevich

Web Developer

Paul's expertise is unparalleled. Being the absolute master of his field for over a decade,
he constructs websites instinctively. He easily juggles multiple projects with demanding schedules and is an invaluable member of the team.

Angela Eremina

Director of Client Accounts

A charismatic and talented communications expert, Angela bridges the gap between NYDVS and its clients. She naturally builds new client relationships while maintaining existing ones, managing client expectations and maintaining communication throughout every step of the process.

Albert Sogreen

Marketing Manager

Albert has a rich history in business marketing and event management, and a penchant for market sector research. Monitoring, analyzing and evaluating competitors, exploring ways to generate leads and identifying target markets, Albert is always interested in what motivates people to buy.

Tatiana Pivovarova

Brand & Graphic Designer

Tatiana received a Masters in graphic design. She uses her creative eye and strategic mind to craft entire brands from scratch. A team-oriented visionary, she works with NYDVS hands-on, figuring out the best visual approach for every client.

Iryna Mardovich

Senior UX Designer

Iryna knows what visitors want to see on a website, having worked with dozens of projects during her career as an expert UX architect. Going behind the eyes of the consumer, she designs websites that exhibit ease of use, efficiency and a pleasant buying experience.

Sergey Khazov

Senior Web Developer

Sergey is our PHP and JavaScript development guru. Utilizing his experience developing high-end web products, his clean, efficient code and lateral view of programming makes him an ideal choice for NYDVS.

Artem Kastanello

Lead Web Developer

Coding for various projects like social networks and e-Commerce websites, Artem has developed an impressive repertoire for himself. A lover of technology, he is our senior PHP and JavaScript developer, and acts as a coordinator for all back-end development.

Aleksandr Smechov

Senior Copywriter and SEO

Emerging from a background in marketing, SEO, sales, project management and journalism, Aleksandr’s sole mission is to write copy that sounds great and sells even better—all while showing up on the first page of Google. A natural storyteller and an avid salesman, he infuses approachable content with attractive buying triggers to create copy that sells.

Alex Sergeyev

Web Developer

Alex is a talented web developer with extensive experience with back-end PHP development and a passion for self-education. His fierce work ethic and attention to detail are exemplary. Alex is a Manchester United soccer, and Detroit Red Wings hockey fan.


Web Developer

Stan has been programming since before he could legally drive, and takes great pride in clean code, and thin applications, that require little or no QA. One of Stan’s most-apparent strength is his reasoning, and ability to problem-solve; resulting from a life-long background in advanced mathematics.


Web Developer

Den’s exhibits explicit attention to detail and is narrow-focused in his interests; innovative mobile applications and software development. Den is the go-to guy for learning the latest trends in the industry, and is known internally for bringing ideas to life.

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