Why is Website Maintenance Vital for your Business?

NYDVS Maintenance

maintenance-renovation-serviseWhat happens to your body or your car if you stop performing regular maintenance checks on it? Eventually, it deteriorates and you lie forgotten in a gutter, sad and alone. Sort of.

Your site is no different. Except the gutter here is Google’s infinite well–the search results after page 2. Aka, the death of your business.

Maintenance is a bit of a catch-all. Our maintenance and renovation page lists everything that goes into maintaining your website. It’s quite a lot of services, reason being that website maintenance is a 360 degree operation.

Focusing only on bugs, or SEO, or copy is like working on one bicep and ignoring the rest of your body. It’s not going to be pretty if you neglect any maintenance factors.

Here are the top reasons to keep your website in tip top shape:

Your customer: Your target customer base is the reason you created your website, and an up to date website is what will sell them on your services. A UX design that’s updated to industry standards and visitor enjoyment, optimized copy that helps your visitors find you on Google, error-free coding that allows for smooth sailing–maintaining crucial factors such as these will keep your rank up in SERPs (search engine results pages) and keep visitors engaged in your brand. Who trusts a website that looks and runs like it’s from 1999 (besides Timothy Leary’s)?

Your SERP rank: Search engine check if your website was modified, and thus whether it deserves to be crawled through again. You can guess the slippery slope a website can succumb to if Google spiders keep ignoring your website because you didn’t update your blog in three weeks. Spiders feed on fresh, constantly updated and relevant content, which in turn boosts your ranking.

Your image: Yeah, your business is brilliant at what it does, but your Contact Us button leads to a 404 Not Found Error and your website is slower than molasses. Even word of mouth referrals won’t stop customers from balking at your website once they look it up out of curiosity. You website has many faces: traffic booster, effigy, conversion gateway, information portal… basically, it’s the pivotal reason many customers buy your services.

Your tech factor: Do you do regular maintenance checks to ensure your code is free of creepy crawlies? Is your CMS still in alpha? The tech factor ties into everything mentioned above. The organs of your website feed on digital nourishment. Does this imply websites have souls? We may never know.

Your conversions: You don’t turn dog turds (poor-conversion-rate websites) into gold (high-conversion-rate websites) by painting them yellow. Maintenance is more than just polishing your website–it’s adding an entirely new engine. The only way you’re going to cram more people through that sales funnel is by making sure your website’s inner workings, such as the UX architecture and code, is properly maintained and updated. It’s a lot of man hours to properly maintain your website, but this is your business we’re talking about, not dog turds.