NYDVS – Official Sponsor of the Grand Russian Festival!

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NYDVS – Official Sponsor of the Grand Russian Festival!

GRF (Grand Russian Festival) is not too far off, and we’re gearing up full-force for the upcoming convention.

This is the first year GRF is hosting their convention in America, in the new Meadowlands expo center in New Jersey.

As someone who’s been on the spectator side at every festival she’s been to, I can tell you that setting up our own small booth demands blood, sweat and tears… not to mention the time and effort that went into setting up the massive two-day GRF expo, with a maximum capacity of 50,000 and events featuring business presentations, concerts and contests, has been staggering.

This year, we’re giving it our all. Since we formed our partnership with Red Square Media, the hosts of GRF, we’ve been working on the development of their new website along with a few banners: a standing banner and a ceiling mounted banner, as well as a video presentation.

NYDVS has accumilated a collection of gifts and discounts to hand out to GRF atendees, and an a hour-long presentation where we’ll explain in detail how to shape your website as a marketing tool that can get you more sales.

If you’re still doubting whether to go to GRF, let me recount exactly what you’ll be experiencing this year: free gifts and office supplies, a shot at winning a Lexus CT200h, a chance to witness some of Russia’s biggest pop stars, delicious food, massive networking opportunities, and simply a good time to spend your first weekend in May!
Angela Eremina, Chief of Client Accounts

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