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Branding in the age of connectivity

Corporate Branding

Branding in the age of connectivity The age of connectivity has revolutionized all aspects of modern life. Mass communication is by far the most democratizing development in our history, and with it comes a tremendous change in how business is conducted. No longer is it sufficient to claim that one’s product is simply better, faster or stronger than another. Nor …

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5 Essential Points of the Role of Copywriting in Content Strategy

NYDVS Blog Copywriting

What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a sprawling, dynamic phrase that has quite a few meanings, some encompassing many elements of a website’s development process, some narrowing that list down to a select few. Brad Shorr wrote an article in 2011 that featured a concise yet encapsulating definition: “Content strategy is an emerging field of practice encompassing every aspect …

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Adapt to Responsive Design or Go Extinct

Responsive Nydvs Blog1

Why Responsive Design is Vital to Business Growth If you haven’t adapted to responsive design by now, you’re losing the attention of a large percentage of your website’s visitors, aka a chunk of profit. In order to make this happen, web developers and designers must make sure a website’s User Interface (UI) is optimized for responsive design. That means the …

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