Website From Scratch


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You have an idea. We have a solution.

We build a website from scratch, develop it and provide support for it. Our responsibilities go further than simple web development: we engage our clients, promote ideation, delve in concept development, planning and design, and ultimately quality assurance and launch. We have all your bases covered.

  • Website from scratch ideaIdea

    Every successful project starts from an idea. Bringing your idea to life can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. We believe you should only pay for the quality work you get, not a brand name.

  • Time and Cost EstimationTime and Cost Estimation

    It is vital to understand the time and budget you will need to bring your idea into reality. Evaluating and understanding your hurdles is essential. NYDVS provides a comprehensive map of how much time and money will be spent for every assignment.

  • ResearchResearch

    We conduct thorough research on every angle of your business, competition and market sector. Our analysts help you understand what it will take to bring your business to the digital forefront.

  • SitemapSitemap

    We provide a fully detailed sitemap, a blueprint of the logical architecture of your website, including all pages and links.

  • UX Design and WireframesUX (Wireframes)

    A website is supposed to guide the user, not the other way around. The user must easily find what they came for when they click on your website. We utilize customer psychology, information architecture, intuitive design conceptualization and more factors to determine the optimal way to build your website for maximum conversions.

  • Content StrategyContent Strategy

    Effective UX design means developing a website content strategy that engages, informs and inspires users. This step involves the planning, creation and management of all content, SEO implementation, copywriting and content maintenance.

  • Web-designWeb Design

    Web design is the crux of our development process. To retain visitors, your website must be not only be aesthetically appealing and easy to distinguish, but solve a vital problem: how to visually engage users long enough to get them to your call to action.

  • CodingCoding

    If not done correctly, improper coding will translate to a slow website, numerous bugs and more headaches than you really need. We create clean, polished code so that your website runs smoothly and error-free from the get-go.

    Tech we use:

  • Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

    All our projects go through a rigorous quality assurance phase, where they are tested for errors and design flaws. QA means a polished, maintained website at launch.

  • LaunchLaunch

    After approval for launch, your website goes live. You get a beautiful, streamlined website that take your customers to your value proposition in three clicks or less