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  • Gr Nydvs

    NYDVS – Official Sponsor of the Grand Russian Festival!

    NYDVS – Official Sponsor of the Grand Russian Festival! GRF (Grand Russian Festival) is not too far off, and we’re gearing up full-force for the upcoming convention. This is the first year GRF is hosting their convention in America, in the new Meadowlands expo center …

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  • NYDVS Maintenance

    Why is Website Maintenance Vital for your Business?

    What happens to your body or your car if you stop performing regular maintenance checks on it? Eventually, it deteriorates and you lie forgotten in a gutter, sad and alone. Sort of. Your site is no different. Except the gutter here is Google’s infinite well–the …

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  • Responsive Nydvs Blog1

    Adapt to Responsive Design or Go Extinct

    Why Responsive Design is Vital to Business Growth If you haven’t adapted to responsive design by now, you’re losing the attention of a large percentage of your website’s visitors, aka a chunk of profit. In order to make this happen, web developers and designers must …

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